The Brain Research and Innovation Centre is part of the Military Mental Healthcare and Defence Healthcare Agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence. 


Since 2001, the Ministry of Defence has been conducting research into the neurobiological background of posttraumatic stress disorder. Since the establishment of the Military Mental Healthcare in 2007, this research group has actively participated in the worldwide scientific community. In 2019, several research activities and knowledge management efforts at the Ministry of Defence were combined in the creation of the Brain Research and Innovation Centre.

Research and Innovation

Our research is divided in three separate topics: 
1.    Etiology of stress, anxiety and aggression
2.    Personalised treatment
3.    Enhancing mental performance

Academic partnership

The Brain Research and Innovation Centre works closely with the Brain Division of Utrecht University Medical Center. Thanks to this strategic partner, it is possible to employ PhD students and temporary project staff with the research funding that is available. In addition, it is possible to share resources and research facilities.