Dr. B. (Bastiaan) Bruinsma
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Dr. B. (Bastiaan) Bruinsma

Senior Research Scientist
Place of employment
CMH Utrecht


Bastiaan Bruinsma joined BRaIC in august 2020 as a senior researcher. He studied Health and Life Sciences (BSc) and Neurosciences (MSc) at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam. During his studies, Bastiaan was especially interested in the relationship between neural processes and behavior and cognition. He got the chance to dive deeper into this subject during his PhD project at the Center for Neurogenomics & Cognitive Research at the VU. Here, he studied the role of specific prefrontal neuronal populations in cognitive control. At the MGGZ, Bastiaan will work on the implementation of a Virtual Reality based therapy for PTSD. 


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