S.J. (Sanne) van der Wal MSc
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S.J. (Sanne) van der Wal MSc

PhD student
Place of employment
CMH Utrecht


Sanne studied Health and Life Sciences (BSc) and Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology (MSc) at VU University Amsterdam. Her interest lies in the epidemiology and the developmental mechanisms of psychiatric disorders. During her studies, she was involved for several years in research into the still relatively unknown condition Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) of the AMC Psychiatry. In addition, she spent six months conducting research at Johns Hopkins University in the United States on the relationship between personality disorders and the development of major depressive episodes. Sanne has been working as a PhD student at the Brain Research and Innovation Centre since 2017. 

Overview of projects within the BRAIC

Sanne is currently working on the 'Prospection In Stress-related Military Research' (PRISMO) study. Within this large-scale project, she investigates the prevalence figures for various psychiatric symptoms ten years after deployment to Afghanistan, as well as the course of these complaints over time. In addition, she is involved in the identification of risk and protective factors for the development of psychological complaints in the psychological, biological and social field using new statistical techniques. 


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