MARS: Military Aggression Regulation Study

In this project, the neurobiological and neuropsychological characteristics of veterans with aggression-regulation problems are studied.

Military aggression regulation study

Data from the PRISMO study has shown that a group of military personnel is confronted with aggression regulation problems after deployment. Clinicians within the Military Mental Healthcare also see patients with these complaints regularly. In addition to implementing aggression regulation training to help alleviate these symptoms, it was also decided in 2012 to conduct an investigation into these complaints.  MARS aims to gain more insight into this. The latest findings from this study will be analysed and published within the next three years.

Project overview


The aim of the study is to measure the neurobiological and neuropsychological differences between veterans with aggression-regulation problems and healthy control participants.

Target group:

Military personnel

  •  Aggression group: 50 military personnel with aggression control problems (age: 18-60 years)
  •  Control group: 50 military personnel without aggression regulation problems (age: 18-60 years).

Time course:

The data collection of the MARS study has now been completed. The analysis of the research data is also at an advanced stage.


Some of the results have now been published and can also be found in the thesis of Dr. L Heesink. The latest results from MARS are expected in December 2020.