About us

About us

The Brain Research and Innovation Centre (BRaIC) is part of the Military Mental Healthcare and Defence Healthcare Agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence.

Since 2001, the Ministry of Defence has been conducting research on mental health. Since the establishment of the Military Mental Healthcare 2007, the research group has actively participated in the worldwide scientific community. In 2019, the research group and knowledge centre merged, resulting in the creation of the Brain Research and Innovation Centre. 

What we do

1. (Medical) scientific research

We supervise and conduct (medical) scientific research on mental health in Dutch military personnel and veterans.

2. Healthcare recommendations

We provide recommendations for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of psychiatric illness in Dutch military personnel and veterans based on scientific research. 

3. Innovation and technology

We apply innovative technologies to improve military mental healthcare.

4. Knowledge 

We collect and disseminate knowledge on military mental health.

5. Implementation and evaluation

We evaluate healthcare programs and implement gained knowledge into the healthcare programs of the Militairy Mental Healthcare.