Dr. A.D. (Antoin) de Weijer

Dr. A.D. (Antoin) de Weijer
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Dr. A.D. (Antoin) de Weijer

Senior Research Scientist
Place of employment
CMH Utrecht


Antoin de Weijer was trained as an applied cognitive / neuropsychologist (BSc) and Neuroscientist (MSc) at Utrecht University. After his studies he conducted PhD research with Prof. dr. René Kahn and Prof. Iris Sommer at the Psychiatry department of the UMC Utrecht. There he researched auditory verbal hallucinations in patients with schizophrenia neuroimaging and neurostimulation techniques. After obtaining his doctorate, he worked for a number of years at Oxford University in the group of Heidi Johansen-Berg (FMRIB). There he focused on plasticity of the brain, for example by studying the learning behavior of rats and the changes in the brain with various neuroimaging techniques. After successively working as a science & business consultant and lecturer / researcher at Saxion, he started as Senior Researcher at the Brain Research and Innovation Centre in 2018.
In addition to his work for the Brain Research and Innovation Centre, Antoin is a reservist at the National Reserve Corps (Natres). 


Antoin has various activities within the Expertise Center, such as:
•    Research and supervision of doctoral research
•    Information & knowledge dissemination within the Ministry of Defence
•    Data management
•    Education (Biomedical Sciences Utrecht University)
Research topics that Antoin focuses on are:
•    Stress physiology
•    Smartwatches & Devices
•    Biofeedback & VR
•    Cognitive Enhancement


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