D. (Danny) van der Horst MSc.

D. (Danny) van der Horst MSc.
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D. (Danny) van der Horst MSc.

PhD student
Place of employment
CMH Utrecht


Danny is a PhD student at the Brain Research and Innovation Centre (BRaIC) and is employed as an aviation psychologist at the Centre for Man in Aviation (CMA). After completing his master’s degree in work- and organizational psychology in 2015, he started his career as a selection psychologist for the Department of Defense (DoD). In 2018 he made the transition to the CMA, where he became head of the psychological selection department of the Royal Netherlands Airforce (RNLAF). In January 2024 he found a successor and since, he is focusing on aviation related research.

In his research Danny aims to predict and improve aviator skills. To perform well in the Next Gen planes, fast jets and helicopters of the RNLAF, it is of increasing importance to analyze, structure and prioritize information efficiently. The combination of the knowledge within the BRaIC and and the operational experience within the CMA gives extensive research opportunities to support the Next Gen Airforce.