F.P.M. (Frank) Schilder MSc.

F.P.M. (Frank) Schilder MSc.
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F.P.M. (Frank) Schilder MSc.

PhD student


Frank Schilder is a PhD Student at the Brain Research and Innovation Centre. Frank obtained both his Bachelor’s degree in Health and Life Sciences, and his Research master degree in (Clinical) Neurosciences from the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. During previous internships, Frank has worked with electroconvulsive therapy in people with major depressive disorder, and has applied functional MRI to research the differences in functional connectivity in MS patients with cognitive impairment. Also, he obtained additional experience in micro-CT and high field MRI systems during his internship at the department of Embryology at the Amsterdam UMC. Despite his rather fundamental education, Frank’s interests mostly lie with psychiatric and psychological topics in neuroscience. Specifically stress and depression, and the effect it has on the brain, is his main interest.

In January 2022, Frank started his PhD research about the effects of acute stress in healthy military personnel on cognition, rational decision making, and moral choices in (life) threatening situations.

Overview of projects within the BRAIC

Frank will mainly focus on the cognitive aspects of decision making which will be researched with the use of cognitive behavioral tasks and Virtual Reality.

More information about Franks project will follow soon!


The publications Frank Schilder can be found at Google Scholar.