M. (Margreet) Wijmans MSc.

M. (Margreet) Wijmans MSc.
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M. (Margreet) Wijmans MSc.

Research Assistant
Place of employment
CMH Utrecht


Margreet Wijmans has finished her Master’s degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology at Utrecht University after a long road from intermediate vocational education (MBO), via a preliminary examination (HBO) in social work. Throughout her bachelor’s degree in cognitive and neurobiological psychology, she completed two short, voluntary internships. One was with a research group linking social-cognitive paradigms to neurobiological mechanisms in schizophrenia patients, the other was focused on real-time interaction between two individuals in an innovative eye-tracking setup. During her master, she investigated the scan behaviour in participants looking at different types of faces. 
Margreet was employed as a research assistant at YOUth, a longitudinal cohort study investigating the social- and brain development of baby’s and children. She started her current position as a research assistant at BRaIC in January 2021.


Margreet supports researchers and PhD candidates in their research. She is responsible for the execution of the PREDICT, BOOSTCAMP (Nadia Leen), and Mindfulness (Remko van Lutterveld) research projects, and possibly more to come.