Maj. Drs. M. (Martine) Hueting

Maj. Drs. M. (Martine) Hueting
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Maj. Drs. M. (Martine) Hueting

Senior advisor Dissemination & Implementation
Place of employment
CMH Utrecht


Major Martine Hueting has been working as Senior advisor Dissemination & Implementation at the Brain Research and Innovation Centre in Utrecht since June 2019.
After obtaining her master’s degree in clinical and health psychology from Utrecht University in 1996, she worked as a researcher at the Trauma Center, Boston, United States under the supervision of Prof. Dr. ir. BA van der Kolk, where she participated in neuroimaging research.
In addition, Martine has participated in research related to diagnosis and treatment of patients with a dissociative identity disorder (DID).
Martine has worked as a military psychologist at the Ministry of Defence since 1999. She has been deployed as a military psychologist to former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. In addition, she has provided debriefings in several mission areas.
She is also an experienced colleague in the field of adaptation, training and supervision. She regularly provides information and presentations about working as a military psychologist, psychological problems with military personnel and the adolescent brain. Martine is a registered GZ psychologist (BIG), psychotherapist-specialist (BIG), group psychotherapist (NVGP) and Affect-Phobia Therapist (NVPP).


Within the Brain Research and Innovation Centre, Martine is involved in projects that bridge the gap between scientific research and the military in the field, and how the results can be made practically applicable.
In addition, she is responsible for the gathering of information and the dissemination of knowledge about military mental healthcare.