R. (Remco) van Zijderveld MSc.

R. (Remco) van Zijderveld MSc.
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R. (Remco) van Zijderveld MSc.

PhD student
Place of employment
CMH Utrecht


Remco studied cognitive and neurobiological psychology at Utrecht University (UU), where his bachelor's thesis focused on the effects of thermoregulation on vigilance, igniting his passion for psychophysiology and brain research. He then completed a master’s degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology at UU, investigating the impact of facial biofeedback on stress levels in healthy individuals at the BRAIC.

In September 2021, Remco continued at the BRAIC as a Research Assistant. Here, he has contributed to the IMMERSE study and assisted with the REMIND and BOOSTCAMP studies. As of September 2023, he has progressed to a PhD candidate role, focusing on the BOOSTCAMP study to investigate cannabidiol's impact on anxiety symptoms, while maintaining his involvement with the IMMERSE study.


Remco started his PhD in September 2023. He focuses on the BOOSTCAMP and IMMERSE studies.