R. (Remco) van Zijderveld MSc.

R. (Remco) van Zijderveld MSc.
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R. (Remco) van Zijderveld MSc.

PhD student
Place of employment
CMH Utrecht


Remco has a background in cognitive and neurobiological psychology at Utrecht University (UU). He has written his bachelor thesis on the influence of the effects of thermoregulation on vigilance. This made him more interested in psychophysiology and the connections to the brain. Afterwards, he started with his master Applied Cognitive Psychology at the UU. The main focus of this master is to integrate behavioural sciences in human daily life and to apply the environment to humans. Since November 1st 2020, Remco joined the Brain Research And Innovation Centre (BRAIC) as a research assistant. In addition, he will work on his master thesis by researching the relationhip between facial biofeedback and subjective and objective stress levels on PTSD patients. 


In September 2023 has started his Remco his PHd. He will be focused on BOOSTCAMP and IMMERSE.