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  1. WCAG 2.2

    Report | 29-12-2023

  2. Dr. Fenne Smits

    Electric Current and Emotional Control

    Dissertation | 09-09-2022

  3. Dr. Milou Sep

    The butterfly effect of trauma contextualization

    Dissertation | 09-09-2022

  4. Dr. Alieke Reijnen

    Warned - Risk factors for the development of PTSD

    Dissertation | 09-09-2022

  5. Dr. Lieke Heesink

    Atttending to Anger - Psychological and neurobiological correlates of anger and aggression after military deployment

    Dissertation | 09-09-2022

  6. Dr. Mitzy Kennis

    The Neural Web of War

    Dissertation | 09-09-2022

  7. Dr. Saskia van Liempt

    Sleep disturbances and post-traumatic stress disorder; A perpetual circle?

    Dissertation | 09-09-2022

  8. Dr. Mirjam van Zuiden

    Predicting PTSD, Depression, and Fatigue after Military Deployment: Identification of Biological Vulnerability Factors

    Dissertation | 09-09-2022

  9. Dr. Arthur Rademaker

    Personality and Adaptation to Military Trauma

    Dissertation | 09-09-2022

  10. WCAG 2.1

    Report | 19-03-2021

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