Prof. Dr. S.G. (Elbert) Geuze

Prof. Dr. S.G. (Elbert) Geuze
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Prof. Dr. S.G. (Elbert) Geuze

Place of employment
CMH Utrecht


Elbert Geuze is Director of the Brain Research and Innovation Centre. He is also professor of Neuroscience of Stress and Psychotrauma at the Brain Division of Utrecht University Medical Center. He studied chemistry and biochemistry at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada and completed his Master in Neuropsychology at Radboud University Nijmegen. In 2006 he obtained his PhD cum laude from the Faculty of Medicine of Utrecht University on a thesis on the neurobiological changes in the brain of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. His research since then focuses on the neurobiological features of stress-related disorders. He has used various neuroimaging techniques, such as structural and functional MRI and PET imaging. He is the principal investigator of several studies and projects focusing on the neurobiology and psychology of PTSD, anxiety and aggression. He is also interested in applying neurotechnology (tDCS) and other innovative techniques (E-health) to improve treatment, and to enhance the mental resilience and performance of military personnel. He has supervised numerous PhD and Master’s students.


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